Drywall Taping Tools

Drywall Taping Tools

The New BAZOOKA Taper: Designed to accomplish what our traditional bazooka does but in a better way. The new BAZOOKA incorporates the latest advances in taper technology and ergonomic design to improve the speed, quality and efficiency of the professional drywall finisher.

EasyClean® Bazooka® Automatic Taper: The Ames Bazooka brand automatic taper simultaneously applies tape and joint compound to all wallboard joints – horizontal and vertical joints, ceiling joints, interior/exterior corners and angles. The Bazooka taper automatically dispenses the precise amount of tape and compound for fast, efficient operation.

Maxizooka® Automatic Taper: A Bazooka taper to reach 12 feet or more. Great for fire taping.

Minizooka® Automatic Taper: A downsized version of the Bazooka taper, allowing work in limited spaces, i.e. closets, laundry rooms, and small bathrooms. It is also more compact making the Minizooka ideal for scaffold work.

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